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Bígí Linn

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Bígí Linn (be-igee linn) means “be with us” and one of the joys of the Sliabh Liag Distillery is the generous support we have received from near and far. Building this distillery is a huge undertaking and if you want to take your involvement further, there are a few ways that will be coming soon that might interest you.

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Ár Muintir

In Donegal people speak of ár muintir (pronounced “are muun-cher”), our people. For the Sliabh Liag Distillery, ár muintir is a group of kindred spirits, enthusiasts from across the world with an interest in the success of Donegal, Irish Whiskey and Gin.

We have put together a reward based scheme that will ensure that ár muintir will savour the very first and the very best that the Sliabh Liag Distillery will produce.

As one of ár muintir you will, among other things, have exclusive access to the 1st bottlings over ten years and free tours of the distillery to find your name that is engraved into a brass ring set around the base of the wash still. More details to follow.

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Seanchaí Casks

A Seanchaí (phonetically shan-a-key) is the keeper of an oral tradition. A Seanchaí would imbibe the stories, myths, facts and folklore and then fuse them together to recount the tales that give an area its distinctiveness, its true identity.

As a Seanchaí you will own one of 600 unique casks of whiskey produced in the first years at the distillery (300 single malt and 300 pot still).

Each Seanchaí will have their name stencilled onto their cask’s head for all to see while it slumbers (and dare the angels to try to take their share). When the cask has long been taken by its owner, the owner’s name will remain forever, engraved in a brass ring around the base of the intermediate still.

As a Seanchaí you are part of the next generation of storytellers, custodians of a new distillery built on ancient traditions. Contact us below for more information.

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Teaghlach (a Donegal term for family, pronounced Chai-lach). The names of our teaghlach will be engraved on a brass ring around the base of the spirit still.

Sliabh Liag Distillery has a unique place in the renaissance of Irish whiskey and if you want to join us and are interested in discussing an investment in Drioglann Shliabh Liag (Sliabh Liag Distillery) you would be very welcome.

By emailing with the link below one of the Founders will get in contact with you directly.